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speed check: unexpected 3:45

A few weeks back myself and a running buddy ran that stunning 50km piece of endurance madness. This week he got revenge by casually dropping it into conversation last Sunday that we might run...


race day: Waterford-Tramore 2019

I love the Waterford-Tramore annual run. Luckily, I have been fortunate enough over the last 3 years to put in a strong effort on race day. The race is run over a point-to-point 7.5...


speed check: the faux kilmac four

I designed my training calendar for the year on the basis that my training was going to be mileage and experiment-driven. However, I didn’t entirely forget about the need to sanity check or more...


the experiments: experiment one

I’m now out on my own following the completion of my guinea pig trial. That means it’s time for some experiments of my own construction. I started this experimentation last weekend and repeated the...